Do we Need all Days Hotel Booking for Thailand Visa on Arrival

Many people are confused while travelling to Thailand that they will get a visa on arrival with one day hotel booking or they have to book all days of hotel stay to get a visa on arrival .

So guys as per the law of Thailand it is recommended to book all the days of hotel booking but they don’t check it on a regular basis it means that they can ask you for the bookings or they may not ask you for the bookings of all days in mostly like 95% of the cases one day hotel booking or two days hotel booking will work fine but if you have a bad luck or a bad day then they might ask you for all days of hotel booking so if they ask you to do that so you can do that over there at the airport in right front of them you can book a hotel and show them so that’s easy,

to make it a conclusion I recommend you to book first two days of hotel there because obviously first two days are the days that you have already planned that you are staying in Pattaya or Bangkok and rest you can book over there but if in case you want to be more secure so you might take the quick line or the paid visa that is a kind of a priority line in which you get only a few people standing in the queue because you have to pay 200 Thai Baht extra for that visa if you pay 200 baht extra for the visa they don’t ask you all these questions they only ask you to show return flight ticket and your passport nothing else so it’s better to pay 200 bath and take your visa without any worries and if you are a person who don’t take a little bit of chances then I recommend you to book all days of hotel booking.

Getting a Thai Visa on arrival is not a big deal it’s very easy just you have to take all the documents that I have already posted in my previous post you can read it over here read the article

here- Documents Requirement for Thailand Visa on Arrival for Indians

and then you have a full knowledge of how to take a visa on arrival if you are an Indian or if you are an foreigner.

if you have any other question in your mind so you can comment it down over here and I will be happy to answer you your question and if you like to read this blog so you can share it with your friends thank you.

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