Is it Safe to Travel THAILAND in Coronavirus now? February March 2020

Can we travel Thailand in Coronavirus

Travelling to Thailand in Coronavirus 

As the coronavirus is spreading in China specially the Wuhan city, People are afraid to travel not Only to China even all over the world, the people who are travelling right now are the one who have to travel due to some kind of a job, business or some must to do Meetings.

After China the country that is most affected by corona virus is Thailand, so it’s obvious that people are afraid and worried about their health travelling to Thailand, right now I just came back from Thailand on 20 February 2020, I must say that I have seen a very few people at the BKK airport and the Visa on arrival line was empty.

I have already been many times in that line you need to get at least 3 to 4 hours to stand in the queue and get your Visa or you have to pay 200 Thai Bhat extra for the express line, but this time the free line was also empty and the express line was closed because there were no tourist at the airport and on the visa on arrival counter even the immigration was empty and they were hardly three people standing in the immigration counters and most of the immigration counters at  suvarnabhumi airport was closed.

I had made a video showing the amount of people at the airport as well as on the visa counters here is the video you can have a look at the current situation of Thailand airport.

But when I left the airport and gone to Pattaya city, the city was quite normal with a lot of western people, tourists were also there in the bars in the club‘s, malls and everywhere else, but I must say that this time I have seen at least 30% of less tourist in Pattaya city, my hotel was full as well as when I went to walking street the whole walking street was full as always but yes a little bit of people were less over there, then I went to some clubs like MIXX and insomnia and both the clubs were having hundreds of people fully loaded crowd, the effect of coronavirus was not seen in the clubs and the night life of Pattaya, even if the Beach Road was full of freelancers as always and people were full like always on the streets.

At the Airport like 40% of people were wearing mask but in the Pattaya city no one was wearing mask I hardly seen like 2 to 3 people who were wearing mask no tourist were wearing mask in the city and non-locals as well ,

I joined the Sriracha Tiger zoo as well and there was also full public there was no deduction in the amount of people and tourist over there, I must say the coral Island was not fully loaded as it was always I have a test videos of all these things that I’m talking about in the last of the article you can see, after spending two nights in Pattaya city I went to Bangkok and yes in Bangkok there the picture was something else, many people were wearing masks and tourists were looking worried, in the BTS train like 85% of people were wearing mask and on the streets as well.

I must say like 60 to 65% of people were wearing mask that include both tourist and locals, and on my next day I went to the famous Chatuchak weekend market, also known as JJ Market in Bangkok, that is near Mo-Chit BTS station, add in that market Everything was quite normal.

And then at the same night I decided to go to Khaosan Road for the street party and over there I think that no one was worried about coronavirus all of the people the Westerners, the locals, all were enjoying the party as always that I have always seen at Khaosan, but yes due to some construction work going on on the road there was less tourists and there was less enjoyment and even the clubs were not fully loaded like always so maybe that’s because of the road construction or because of the coronavirus problem.

From many days Thailand is still at the same number of people infected from the virus, 35 people are infected right now in the county and it is still, it is not going up so If you will ask me I must say the situation in Thailand is not so ugly you can go Thailand if you want to or if you have already pre-booked your hotels and all your tours, just you need to be a little careful about your hands that you have to wash them again and again and you can wear a mask if you want to but in my whole trip I never wear a mask as many people over there.

so that’s not an issue you can go if you want to go and you can postpone your travel if it is not that necessary because after a month I think in March or April everything will be fine.

I have made a whole series of videos on my YouTube channel for coronavirus in Thailand so you can go and check out all the videos to better understand the situation.

Thank you for reading.


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