When Thailand will allow tourists from the world in 2020

As we all know due to this pandemic and the situation around the world Thailand is also among the countries that have banned the tourists from the world, as we are in the end of 2020 Thailand has allowed 11 types of people or groups to enter the paradise but these are not the regular tourists these are basically the people who are married to a Thai person or have a child or parents in Thailand or someone who want to come for a medical facilities into Thailand but these medical facilities are not covering covid-19 patients so if you are a regular tourist and want to visit Thailand in upcoming months so you have to wait for sometime and maybe after October or in October the Thai government will allow visitors for vacations but the tourist will have to first of all show their Corona negative report and after that they have to self quarantine themselves into a hotel or a villa for 14 days.

This isolation will be on their own cost, you have to pay the tariff of hotel yourself, and hotels are not allowed for quarantine, so according to me this will only beneficial to the people Who are travelling to Thailand for more than six months or at least around three months because most of the tourists, the backpackers, honeymooners travel to Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket, Krabi for around 15 days or less.

Most of the people who are coming from China and India visit for around 6 to 7 days so I think these kind of groups will now not be interested to visit Thailand in this kind of situation maybe after 2020 or in 2021 Thai embassy will allow regular tourists in the kingdom but maybe they can temporarily cancel visa on arrival(VOA) and they will only be providing pre-approved visa or the e-visas, so it’s a matter of time to wait and have a look when they will gonna allow the entry, you can stay with me in this blog so that I can update you in upcoming days when they will allow the entry for normal people who are coming to visit the country.

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